REVIEW: Orient Tours Desert Safari, Dubai


This was easily one of the top experiences during my visit to Dubai! The desert safari takes up roughly half a day, with part of it spent “dune bashing” in a Toyota 4×4 SUV and the other part in a Bedouin-style camp. This tour is accessible in ways that will require some flexibility – the only reason why I gave it four wheelchairs instead of five. You will need to be manually transferred from your chair to a seat in the SUV, and you’ll need upper body control because it’s a rough ride; that’s part of the fun! At the bedouin camp, you will have issues with a power chair, which is why I rented a manual chair. My friend and our tour guide were able to carry me over the sand so I could ride a camel! I was also able to hold a sporting falcon on my arm, eat some amazing food, and watch a show with a real whirling dervish. The path to the bathroom was paved, and the bathroom itself – out in the middle of the desert – was fully accessible! Our guide, Javeed, really made the difference for me and my experience. This tour may be off-limits to some folks, but if you can be flexible and don’t mind being transferred, you have to do it in Dubai!

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