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Spin the Globe creator Sylvia Longmire is a service-disabled veteran, mother, author, consultant, entrepreneur, world traveler, and the former Ms. Wheelchair USA 2016. She traveled extensively from an early age and during her time as an Air Force officer and Special Agent. After she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, her ability to walk started to deteriorate. Fortunately the progression of her MS was slow enough that she could gradually adapt to new ways of living.

Sylvia also had to learn how to travel with a walker, and eventually with an electric scooter. Her work as a consultant has taken her all across the United States, and her addiction to leisure travel has taken her (and her scooter) as far as the deserts of Dubai and the glaciers of Alaska. She often travels alone, and is continually invigorated by the kindness and offers of help from strangers in every corner of this beautiful world.

However, Sylvia is battling the clock. MS is a progressive disease without a cure, and she doesn’t know how much longer her body will allow her to travel. So as long as her wallet allows, Sylvia is knocking both domestic and international destinations off her bucket list as quickly as she can! She chooses her destinations based on their levels of wheelchair accessibility, as well as whether she’ll be able to travel there alone or need a companion. Her goals are twofold: to educate people at home and abroad about the needs – and capabilities – of disabled travelers, and to encourage people with disabilities to leave their fears behind and seek adventure!

When she’s not traveling, she helps other wheelchair users travel through her own agency, Spin the Globe/Travel. Sylvia also works as a consultant and subject matter expert on Mexico’s drug war and border security issues. She has two books in print, Cartel and Border Insecurity, and she has appeared on most major national news and radio networks. She is a single mom to two amazing boys, who inspired her to form The PreJax Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides college scholarships to students with MS or a parent with MS. Sylvia’s latest book is The View from Down Here, a vibrant accessible travel photography showcase. All proceeds from this book are donated to her Foundation.


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