Wheelchair Van Magnet (Driver)


A fun and highly visible car magnet for wheelchair accessible vans! Lets others know you require extra space to access a wheelchair ramp to enter/exit your vehicle.


Stressing out about someone blocking access to the ramp on your wheelchair accessible van? Just place this high-visibility magnet on the door from where your ramp deploys to let others know you need the extra space! The fun and lighthearted wording helps others understand your need to perhaps occupy two parking spaces, and can prevent shoppers or other vehicle owners from parking in painted access aisles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How thick are your vehicle magnets?
A: Each magnet is 0.85 mm thick.

Q: Can I put a car magnet on a door that is curved?
A: Most likely. Your magnets should be able to stay in place without any issues on doors or side panels with slight curves to them – and they work very well on flat surfaces. If your surface has dips or bumps, we don’t recommend magnets.

Q: How strong is each magnet?
A: The magnetic strength is 90 lbs. per square foot.

Q: How long will my magnet last?
A: With proper care and use, custom car magnets can be used for about two years. At that point, we strongly recommend replacing your magnet to prevent it from falling off your vehicle while you drive.

Q: Can I put a magnet on a new paint job?
A: No, you’ll want to wait for your paint to cure – and this is also the case with a new clear coat or wax job. The recommended wait time is 90 days for a new coat of paint, 60 days for a clear coat and 2 days for wax.

Q: How often should I take the magnets off my vehicle?
A: At least once a week – and we recommend that you wash and dry the space under your magnet. If you live somewhere that experiences extreme weather, we recommend you remove your magnet more frequently – ideally once a day – to keep your magnet and car paint looking fresh.

Q: Can I wash my car with these magnets on?
A: We recommend removing magnets before washing your vehicle.

Q: Where should I put my car magnets?
A: The best answer for your magnet may depend on your specific vehicle. I recommend placing it on the door from which your wheelchair ramp deploys.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 in