REVIEW: Norderflug Helicopters, Reykjavík


Flying in a helicopter over a vast volcanic landscape, landing on top of a 50 kilometer-wide glacier, then on a very active geothermal area is certainly an experience not to be missed when visiting Reykjavík, Iceland! I found Nordurflug while doing an online search for a helicopter tour that could accommodate my mobility limitations. They assured me they could, and their customer service was absolutely exceptional! Unfortunately, when it came time to go out to the helicopter, there were steps from the office to the flightline. There was also no device (like a modified stairlift that I used in Alaska) to get me into the helicopter. I was totally okay with being carried/lifted in both instances, but some people may not care for that. All the adjustments were WELL worth it! Our pilot was great fun, and the flight itself (the Fire & Ice tour) was breathtaking. I have to give Nordurflug four wheelchairs instead of five because of the physical obstacles, but if you’re willing to be flexible, rest assured they will do whatever it takes to make your tour an amazing experience!

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