REVIEW: Blessed Rentals in Bridgetown, Barbados

There are many cities and countries around the world where I can get around in my electric scooter pretty easily. However, I knew that the island country of Barbados would not be one of them, so before making travel reservations I did my homework to make sure I could find an accessible transport company that could help me get around and see the sights. I found three total, and two of them were difficult to communicate with and/or had vehicles that weren’t working. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to come across Blessed Rentals and is owner, Michael Holder.

I first came across this company in a TripAdvisor review thread, and one of the posters had very kind things to say about Michael and Blessed Rentals. I sent Michael an email, and he was very responsive during our many exchanges involving what my needs were and what my friend and I wanted to see during our stay. In addition to our transfers between the airport and our hotel, we made arrangements to spend roughly 4-5 hours touring during the two mornings we would be in town.

Our driver was Ricardo, and he was a wonderful and very friendly driver and guide. The first day he took us to the George Washington House and Harrison’s Cave in the central highlands. My friend Azure sat next to him in the front seat to avoid car sickness, and he took plenty of care to point out various points of interest for her to photograph during our drive. He was familiar with areas that were accessible, or at least flat enough for me to exit the van and look around a bit.

The second day we literally drove a circle around the entire country along the coast. We saw St Lawrence Gap, Bathsheba, St John’s Parish Church, Cherry Tree Hill, and the Soup Bowl. After our tour, we asked Ricardo to drop us off at a restaurant instead of the hotel, and told him we would just take a taxi back to the hotel. He was genuinely concerned for our safety, and gave us many tips to ensure we would get back to our hotel from the restaurant without an┬áproblems

The next afternoon, Ricardo took us from the hotel to the airport, and informed us that Michael wanted to meet us. I was so pleased that he took the time to meet us in person at the airport and thank us for our business. I was happy to have the opportunity to tell him how wonderful Ricardo had been to us, and thank him for the service his company provides to visitors with physical disabilities. The van we were in was spotless, and Ricardo’s courtesy and knowledge of Barbados was top-notch. If you plan to spend any time in Barbados, with or without a wheelchair, Blessed Rentals should definitely be your first choice to show you around this stunning island country!

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