PODCAST: Wheelchair Accessible Cruising

I LOVE CRUISES!!! Can you tell how great my enthusiasm is for this mode of transportation? Taking a cruise isn’t just a boatload of fun for families and retired baby boomers. It is one of the best ways for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility to explore the world. Cruise ships have become more wheelchair accessible than ever, and the number of tour companies around the world that provide accessible shore excursions is growing.

To find out more about what it’s like to take a cruise as a wheelchair user, then learn how you can go on a cruise almost anywhere, check out my newest podcast below!

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  1. Barrett W Nuzum

    Note also most of the rental companies will deliver an assistive device (e.g. scooter, wheelchair) to the *port* rather than your *cabin* so that you can use it to embark.

    I also ran into a situation where I needed a scooter for the duration of a cruise *and* an additional day in Seattle. I rented from a local company (rather than Special Needs at Sea or Scootaround), and they delivered and picked up from my hotel.

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