Accessible Travel Product Review: blendSMART Rotating Makeup Applicator

When wheelchair users travel, we’re all about making things easier. For me, easier means lighter, faster, and less physically demanding. For many trips, I bring t-shirts, jeans, basic toiletries, and not much else in my suitcase outside the necessities. But on special trips like cruises, I know I’m going to have occasions to dress up and bust out the fancy makeup I tend to spend too much money on. Unfortunately, applying my makeup has become more difficult as multiple sclerosis has caused my hands to get weaker and lose their coordination. However, I was recently introduced to the blendSMART2 rotating makeup applicator as a way to make my accessible travel beauty routine much easier. Check out my product review below!

Ready to get your beautiful on during your wheelchair travels? Then click here to purchase the blendSMART2: Powered Makeup brush on!

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