REVIEW: Washington, DC


The capital city of a country has the huge responsibility of representing the rest of the country, and DC does a great job with respect to wheelchair accessibility. All the museums on the National Mall are easy to navigate, and only a few places with tours to parts of older buildings pose a challenge. The DC Metro is one of the best subway systems in the country, and while elevators in some stations can be difficult to locate, the stations, platforms, and trains are wheelchair friendly. DC is a compact but very diverse city, and not all neighborhoods are equal when it comes to navigating sidewalks. Parking is at a premium, and crowded streets combined with older sidewalks can pose a challenge in some parts of town. It can also be a challenge to track down a wheelchair accessible taxi at the airport, so make sure you have a local taxi company phone number handy when you arrive. Older storefronts and restaurants may have a step to enter. However, if you stick to the main tourist areas, you’ll be able to see most of what our capital has to offer!

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