REVIEW: Cirque du Soleil (La Nouba), Orlando


One of the toughest parts of making arrangements to see a show of any kind is buying tickets–not only the accessible seat, but those for your companion(s). Although I wasn’t able to reserve my show seats online for Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba in Disney Springs, Orlando, FL, they have a dedicated phone line for customers with special needs. I was able to purchase my seats in roughly five minutes flat. I arrived early with my two boys and our helper, and while it was crowded, we had no trouble getting to our seats. We were behind a railing at the top of the lower central section, and the view was amazing! There is also accessible seating located elsewhere in the theater for more budget-conscious show-goers. I stayed in my power chair, and my boys and helper sat in padded folding seats next to me. Because of our location along the main theater lateral aisle, all the performers paraded and danced right next to us! We were all delighted. The theater bathrooms are roomy, and although the crowds can be tough to navigate, the show experience was well worth it.

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