REVIEW: Era Helicopters, Juneau


Era Helicopters Is based out of Juneau, Alaska, and they provide flight tours over the incredible and vast landscape surrounding Alaska’s capital city. They are 100% accessible to individuals with disabilities, which is why I was more than willing to pay extra for this level of service. They used a modified stair lift to get me from my wheelchair at ground level up to the second row of the helicopter. At all times I was fully safe and secure. The bathrooms in the offices were also accessible, and there were no steps to negotiate. I knew I would not be able to get out of the helicopter during the glacier landings, but that was okay. I still had a wonderful view from my window seat, and the pilot was more than willing to take my phone and shoot as many photos as I wanted. Their customer service was absolutely outstanding, and they made sure that all of my mobility needs were taken care of. I would highly recommend¬†Era Helicopters¬†as a tour option if your cruise ship docks in Juneau, or you happen to be passing through!


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  1. Vanessa M

    Did you have to transfer out of your wheelchair or did you fly seated in your chair?

  2. […] participate in three Princess excursions after making those calls, and we independently arranged a wheelchair accessible helicopter tour in Juneau after doing our own research. Here is a post I wrote about several options for wheelchair […]

  3. Donna Mora

    Good morning, we will be in Juneau this August, 2022 vis NCL Spirit, I do not use a wheelchair but I am 67 had a stroke and I use a cane as I am unbalanced, would you take me and my husband on the helicopter tour?

  4. Donna ora

    Good morning, I am 67 and had a stroke, I use a cane always as I walk unbalanced, would I be able to book a helicopter tour with you guys?

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